A vision for the future

40 years' multi-generational employment opportunities in Western Australia and the Northern Territory

In 2012, INPEX adopted a mission to contribute to the creation of a brighter future for society through our efforts to develop, produce and deliver energy in a sustainable way.

Our goal is to become a leading energy company serving an essential role in global society by meeting the energy needs of Japan and countries around the world.

Our strategy includes three key elements:

  1. A medium-term plan to increase production and seek greater operational efficiencies
  2. A vision for increased oil and gas exploration and production
  3. A focus on Australian business development to lead the INPEX program

Our three business targets, to 2040, will aim to reduce the carbon footprint from our operations while continuing to increase our corporate value.

Vision 2040

Delivering tomorrow’s energy solutions

We aim to become one of the world’s top 10 oil and gas producers in the next 20 years. Our vision to achieve this includes sustainable growth in the existing oil and gas exploration and production operations, and development of new projects and ventures in Asian and Oceanic regions. INPEX will look to the development of a global natural gas value chain. In addition, with global energy demands continuing to grow, we will increase production of renewable energy resources as part of a broad response to climate change.

Australian business strategy

Australia and the Ichthys operations are the cornerstone of our energy future. Ichthys is set to produce oil and gas for at least 40 years, securing a long-term economic relationship between Australia and Japan.

INPEX President and CEO, Mr Takayuki Ueda signalled the importance of Australia to the company’s global operations and long-term growth strategy, during a meeting between the company’s Board of Directors and Australian Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison MP, in August 2019: “INPEX’s core commitments include expanding our investment in Australia, particularly our exploration and production activities. We will continue our activities in priority exploration areas including the offshore Browse, Canning and Bonaparte basins and the onshore Beetaloo Basin,” Mr Ueda said.

INPEX is establishing a long-term, high quality workforce, committed to developing and delivering stable and sustainable energy supplies.

We aim to be a company that makes a valuable contribution to the Australian community.

Medium-term business plan


INPEX has successfully launched the company’s first major operating venture producing gas, oil and LNG from the Australian Ichthys operation. During the next three years, the company will focus on increasing the project value using existing facilities, and expanding core business areas in Japan, Australia, Indonesia and Abu Dhabi.

We are also using our Ichthys LNG operating experience to improve efficiencies and leverage our links with other operations.

Medium-term business plan